crop circle museum


the funding

the economical base of the project, e.g. the financing of the archive, coordinated research und artistic adaptations, have been paid until now by the resources of the phoenix group itself, without any substantial sponsoring. as the project volume now takes dimensions which a small group of freelancing researchers and artist are no longer able to handle, we are now offering our project to appropriate partners worldwide, together with which we can launch exhibitions and various side projects successfully. with the income we will progressively secure and extend the project. In order to achieve the final intended goal of a representative crop circle museum, we naturally will need greater financial means than is possibly to acquire in the near future through exhibitions. therefore we are hoping for the public to soon get into contact with insightful and interested sponsors. In order to present the cosmic gift of the crop circles under an adequate roof, common efforts are needed as well as making use of unconventional possibilities...

2006 phoenix group