crop circle museum


the phoenix group

starting in the early eighties the austrian researcher, artist and author jay goldner also began to intensely study the occurances in the crop fields. during nearly two decades, together with several other researchers and artists gathering around him and establishing the phoenix group, he built up a comprehensive archive around the subject. thousands of hours and a great deal of spiritual and economical energies have been invested since. nowadays the group is presenting slide shows and organizing conferences at home and abroad - and lately also mega exhibitions are on their agenda. in the background jay and the group are still focusing on crop circle research projects. the intended goal is the establishment of the first crop circle museum, within which the theme in its core can be presented to the public. because in the course of time the phoenix group in its studies of the geometry of the pictograms discovered more and more fundamental secrets, which led to the conclusion that only a highly advanced intelligence could be the originator of a large number of crop designs. after having conducted either electronic and mass telepathic experiments in the spring of 2003 with the purpose of directly communicating with this intelligence on our own initiative we received some astonishing feedback in the latter manner. this allowed us to make further progress in decoding a significant amount of the geometrically coded messages - e.g. we received information about aspects of a very different kind of future technology. as the time seems not to be ripe for it, our group decided to hold back the major part of the findings. at least for as long our global cultural society continues behaving in such a disparaging manner and the mass media continues reporting in such a stupid way about the subject – if at all. We admit that this is a problematical procedure we on the one hand this way are trying to provoke an in depth discussion without on the other hand “throwing pearls before swine”. however, in order to be taken seriously we will step by step reveal some more of our scientific conclusions to the interested public...

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