crop circle museum


the vision

out of the growing profoundity of the crop circle research the idea was born to, aside from our own research work, collect all the valuable studies and realizations of dozens of other crop circle researchers within the last decades and also, in an understandable manner, make these accessible to a broader segment of the population. as the phenomenon develops quantitatively as well as qualitatively more and more and as the archives have grown enormously there is a higher need adequate to the cosmic importance of this phenomenon for a themed space on an appropriate level. we envision a sort of guggenheim-like museum for crop circles, having smaller branches in at least every country where in the meantime crop circles have appeared. although this is a costly undertaking, in relation to its social importance and to the evolutionary outcome of the theme, what would have to be spent for it is more or less ‘peanuts’. the more people stand behind this vision the sooner it will be manifested and the sooner will the time be ripe for presenting our incredible findings to an astonished public and an interested research community..

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